Visa support

Relocating a company to a foreign destination is always a demanding administrative process. In this respect, CzechInvest can assist foreign companies coming to the Czech Republic. In addition to tailored consultation and support for mobility in the context of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, CzechInvest administrates several programmes aimed at accelerating or enabling relocation.

Visa process for members of statutory bodies/legal representatives and employees of a newly established company up to two years from the date of incorporation (Commercial Register)

Programme for Key and Scientific Personnel

The Programme for Key and Scientific Personnel substantially eases the process of arranging residence

permits for key employees of companies coming to the Czech Republic. Those eligible

to register in the programme include newly established Czech business entities of foreign investors, start-ups, technology companies, research institutes and Czech entities of foreign investors with at least 50 employees in the country and 250 worldwide. The project is intended for statutory representatives, managers and key specialists who need to reside in the Czech Republic for longer than 90 days. The benefit of this programme consists in accelerated issuance of a residence permit within 30 days following submission of the application, which is a significant reduction in comparison with the standard time periods: up to 90 days to issue an employee card and up to 120 days to issue a blue card or long-term business visa.

This programme also supports the relocation of employees’ family members who apply for a visa for the purpose of cohabitation of a family. Individual applications of members of the same family are thus processed jointly.

Within the Programme for Key and Scientific Personnel, companies can use two means of relocating their employees and statutory representatives. These are internal transfer, whereby a foreigner is transferred on the basis of a contract to work at a Czech branch while remaining in an employment relationship with the foreign investor, and localisation, whereby the transferred employee enters into an employment relationship with the Czech entity.

Where to apply for inclusion in the programme

The programme is administered by CzechInvest for newly established companies, start-ups, research institutes and technology companies. The application submitted by the investor (more than year since the date of incorporation, with at least 50 employees in the Czech Republic and 250 employees worldwide) is processed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


CI_VISA_personnel type of employer.jpg

Source: CzechInvest, MoT, 2021

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Source, CzechInvest, MoT, 2021


How companies use Programme for Key and Scientific Personnel

CzechInvest processed the applications of 300 specialists, managers and statutory representatives of 27 companies and their family members in 2021.

Programme for Highly Qualified Workers

The Programme for Highly Qualified Workers enables applicants and future employees from non-EU countries and their family members to arrange appointments at embassies and consulates. The number of available appointments for employee-card applicants granted within this programme is set by a government regulation. The employer applies for the programme at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.  

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Source: MoT, 2021

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Source: CzechInvest, 2021

The Programme for qualified workers 

The Programme for Qualified Workers enables applicants from selected countries to arrange appointments at embassies and consulates that are otherwise not easily reachable. The annual quota for each of these countries is set by a government regulation:

Quotas in the Programme for Qualified Workers 
Country Quota 







Montenegro (shares quota with Serbia) 












Source: Government Regulation No. 220/2019 Coll.

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Source: CzechInvest, 2021

This programme is aimed at employers with at least a two-year history and at least six employees in the Czech Republic in the area of manufacturing, services or the public sector that are seeking to employ citizens of Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Mongolia, the Philippines, India, Moldova, Belarus or Kazakhstan to perform skilled labour.  The programme is mainly used by manufacturing companies such as Daikin Device, Panasonic Automotive and Foxconn. 

 Process of the Programme for Qualified Workers 


*CzechInvest is one of the guarantors together with other business associations. 
** The waiting time for an appointment is country specific and can differ month to month. 

Government visa programmes became very popular in 2020. Some restrictions on national borders are still in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the visa agenda at Czech embassies in many countries is limited. However, visa programmes enable labour migration even where the standard visa agenda is limited 

Gabriela Bauerová  
Senior Project Manager