Grant opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2024

In 2022 and 2023, subsidy programs in the Czech Republic started in full swing. In some cases, potential applicants have submitted so many bids that they have exhausted not only the original but also the increased allocation. A typical example was the support for photovoltaic power plants under the National Renewal Plan. Within a single call, all the allocation available for PV support was exploited, although it was originally planned to last for a much longer programming period. As a result, additional funds had to be reallocated to these calls.

Energy projects, research and development, complemented by digitization, the circular economy, and also promotion abroad were the key themes in 2023.

We identified several interesting grant sources for entrepreneurs (including large companies) available in 2024. Let us now briefly introduce them.

Operational Programme Technologies and Applications for Competitiveness

With an allocation of approximately CZK 81.5 billion, this program is one of the most important among subsidies for entrepreneurs from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), thanks to its virtually exclusive targeting of the corporate sector. However, a certain drawback is that funds from this program cannot be used for projects in the capital city of Prague.

The circular economy supports in particular the reduction of waste production and the reuse of secondary raw materials in production. Companies with up to 500 employees will be able to submit applications until March 29, 2024.

Sustainable water management leads to water savings within the company's management, either by increasing the efficiency of water distribution systems, by replacing technologies with more efficient ones, or by using "grey" water after its recycling, for example in non-production processes. Applications will be accepted until June 28, 2024 and there is no limit on the size of the applicant.

Further calls for both previous grants are planned to follow in Q4 2024.

For LDS operators, projects focusing on energy savings and the use of renewable energy sources will be supported. Applications will be accepted until the end of October 2024.

Applications (industrial research and experimental development of SMEs), Innovation (introduction of innovative products and processes into production in companies with up to 500 employees), Energy Saving and Wind Power Construction, both available for projects of companies of all sizes, are also announced for early 2024.

Subsequent upcoming calls should cover the areas of digitization of enterprises (SMEs only), the establishment and development of industrial R&D centers, energy production generated from biomass and green hydrogen, and gases derived from it.

Modernisation Fund

In the framework of the Modernization Fund, photovoltaic power plants (PV plants) will continue to be supported in 2024. The specific definitions of these calls are still under preparation, however, it is likely to be PV plants of 50 kWp - 5 MWp (in Prague already from 10 kWp), where the condition of primary self-consumption (probably 80%) will be applied. Then there is a call for PV plants above 1 MWp, where the condition of minimum self-consumption will no longer apply.

The advantage of the whole program is the possibility to use the funds also for projects in the capital of Prague.

Operational Programme Environment

In 2024, the business sector, regardless of its size, will also be able to benefit from support under the Operational Programme Environment. In particular, the area of waste management, e.g. recycling, material recovery of waste, or the construction of waste biogas plants, can be mentioned.

Grant schedules are constantly evolving, so please do not hesitate to contact us for updates. 

Vratislav Kubík
Team Leader
Erste Grantika Advisory