Best approach to large volume recruitment

Why mass recruitment

Mass recruitment efforts often isolate the activities of internal HR departments from normal activities and lead to mistakes and procedural errors with respect to orientation in the labour market. The purpose of external mass recruitment is to establish a comprehensive procedure of management and process activities with the HR department and the production department in continuous qualified recruitment in terms of forecasting and FTE, as well as sustainable costs and internal control over the project within the outsourcing process.

Blue-collar mass recruitment

A method of project and process preparation tailored to the customer. Together with the HR department, it will set up a start-up unit of staff necessary for testing and training, and this start-up unit would then be responsible for testing the selection of the most suitable candidates in cooperation with team leaders from the client. All procedures for the relocation of workers from supra-regional recruitment, including the conditions for the entry of foreign nationals into the labour market. Requests are managed through IT program-reporting of interviews, sending of CVs, test schedules and creation of a database in case of fluctuations. In the case of cooperation between several agencies, the area of regional and supra-regional recruitment is divided and defined in advance. In the case of supra-regional recruitment outside the EU, the supplier proposes to the client the possibility of using the government-sponsored Highly Qualified Employee Programme” for economic migration. This model can only be used for recruitment.

At the same time, the client defines how many employees will go directly to the client's full-time staff and how many will be under the employment agency (flexibility of a certain percentage in the full staff).

White-collar mass recruitment

For many clients, the assessment centre method is quite often used either directly in the supplier's recruitment centres or online for cooperation with leading experts in personality psychodiagnostics. Prior to such cooperation, the supplier will prepare a detailed study of the possible availability of the required positions, competitive salary conditions and benefits, involvement of universities in the recruitment process for graduates and the possibility of recruiting expats through supra-regional recruitment. Subsequently, in cooperation with the client after completing AC/DC, the playoff method is performed, where the client chooses the best of the best. In the case of supra-regional recruitment, the contractor shall also recommend to the client the possibility of relocation by means of the government-sponsored Key and Scientific Personnel and Highly Qualified Employee programmes focused on economic migration.


This method is used mainly after the implementation of mass recruitment to maintain the cost of the headcount and, at the same time, to fulfil orders with respect to clients and the flexibility of a qualified workforce. From the point of view of cash flow and headcount, the client selects a certain percentage of employees who work based agency's employment contract under the same conditions as they have in the basic state and the agency temporarily allocates these employees while the client pays all overhead costs per employee. Percentage value of the total volume of wages and salaries. A factor in this is the sustainability of wages and salaries and the time factors of the client's orders. At the same time, it reduces the risk of labour disputes and lowers accounting costs, while allowing employees a flexible form of employment. This model is used for white-collar recruitment. 

Master vendor

The main contractor, which will supply temporary workers from its own workforce and also manage the level of employment companies or employment agencies as needed in order to provide temporary workers with orders that it is unable to fulfil itself. For the customer receiving the managed services, provision is seamless and the customer concludes contracts only with the main vendor and not directly with third-party employment companies or agencies. This model significantly reduces the cost of working with recruitment agencies, is much more flexible and clear, and allows the main contractor flexibility, control and accurate evaluation of the subcontracting chain and the ability to find successful tools for order fulfilment.

Legislative obligations of the employment agency:

  1. Company registered in the Czech Republic –
  2. Permit from the Labour Office of the Czech Republic – pursuant to Section 14 (1) (a) (b) and (c) of Act No. 435/2004 Coll.  – https: //
  3. Deposit – Section 60b of the Employment Act stipulates the obligation of a legal entity or natural person applying for a permit pursuant to Section 14 (1) (b) of the Employment Act to provide a deposit in the amount of CZK 500,000. The deposit is provided at the request of the Labour Office by depositing the amount in its special account, only after fulfilling all of the conditions set for the granting of a permit for employment mediation. This amount must be sent once and in the total amount! If the permit expires, the deposited amount becomes an overpayment, which is, pursuant to the Tax Code, returned within 60 days of the expiry of the permit. 

Ing.Peter Beck
Business Development Manager

Ing. Petr Straka