Outsourcing - potential value added

Outsourcing allow clients focus on core activities while taking care of their non-core ones. By externalizing people, competences, technologies and processes clients can derive benefits by increasing productivity, speed and scale, saving costs and ensuring compliance.

Business lines


  • Business Process Outsourcing manages administrative, financial, helpdesk and document processes

Field Sales & Marketing

  • Field Sales & Marketing manages salesforce, promoters, merchandizers and deliver data & analytics

General & Customer Services

  • General & Customer Services manages B2C client experience and B2B customer service

HR Services

  • HR Services delivers onboarding, consulting, training, and payroll solutions

Logistics and Manufacturing

  • Logistics and Manufacturing manages logistics warehouse, manufacturing sites, and last mile delivery, Construction & Agriculture

 In the global business landscape, outsourcing to the Czech Republic offers advantages like talent access, cost-efficiency, risk mitigation, and a focus on core competencies.

Talent Outsourcing Types:

  • Staff Augmentation: Adds expertise and agility without commitment.
  • Managed Services: Lets businesses focus on core competencies by outsourcing specific functions.
  • Project Outsourcing: Entrusts entire projects to external partners for resource-limited businesses.
  • BPO: Streamlines non-core processes for operational efficiency and strategic growth.

Essential Factors:

  • Communication: Establish transparent channels for successful outsourcing.
  • Vendor Selection: Assess partners based on experience, expertise, and track record.
  • Contract Negotiation: Clearly define expectations, pricing, SLAs, and confidentiality clauses.
  • IP Protection: Include clauses for secure information handling.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensure partners adhere to requirements for risk minimization.

A successful outsourcing strategy demands transparent communication, thorough vendor selection, clear contract negotiation, intellectual property protection, and legal compliance. Embracing outsourcing strategically positions businesses for agility, excellence, and long-term success. 

+ Strategic outsourcing to the Czech Republic leverages skilled professionals, ensuring competitiveness and efficiency. 
+ A key driver is the reduction in labor costs, enabling companies to optimize resource utilization and enhance efficiency.  
+ Outsourcing is a strategic approach to distribute project-associated risks. External partners share responsibility, offering risk mitigation and scalability.
+ Outsourcing non-essential tasks enables businesses to concentrate on core competencies, fostering innovation and sustained growth.
+ Talent outsourcing models like Staff Augmentation, Managed Services, Project Outsourcing, and BPO provide flexibility, expertise, and long-term 
Davide Coccato
Country Operation Head
Adecco spol. s r.o.