Benefits of Program Key and Research Staff

What is it, and how can being as an employer registered in the governmental project Key and Research Staff Program be of assistance? Let's briefly explain how it can contribute
to the smooth relocation of your foreign employees through registration in this program.

Many employers require their key foreign employees to be personally available in the Czech Republic as soon as possible. However, they face various difficulties during the visa process. It might be challenging to secure a submission appointment or the standard approval process might be time-consuming. Both challenges can be alleviated by registering in the Key and Research Staff Program.

Of course, this option is not for everyone. Both parties, the employer and the employee, must fulfill strict conditions to be eligible for registration in this governmental program.

  • Employee Card and Blue Card

    A specific job position must be properly available in the database of vacancies.

  • Secondment/Posting Visa

    A work permit for a specific job position must be issued by the Labor Office.

  • Intra-Company Transfer Employee (ICT) Card

    No vacancy or work permit needed. This type of permit has its own specifics.

A company can be registered in this program as:

  • An investor
  • A technology company
  • A newly established company
  • A start-up

There are different criteria for each option. Primarily, a candidate company must have all obligations towards the authorities under control. As long as there are no obstacles regarding obligatory fee payments, the number of employees, their salaries, bookkeeping, etc., it is usually possible to be successfully registered.

Concerning employees, this program is meant only for highly qualified key personnel, such as specialists, managers, and leading personnel. It's noteworthy that there are different options for the types of permits that an applicant is allowed to apply for and get registered in this program.

Only those employees can be registered in the program whose employment contract for a full-time job lasts for at least one year, and their gross monthly or annual salary is at least at the level of the average salary for the specific job position or is at least at the level of the minimum salary required for a Blue Card. Until April 30, 2024, the minimum required salary for a Blue Card is 60,530 CZK a month. It means that as you read this, the minimum required salary might be higher and probably over 65,000 CZK.

Those employers and employees who meet these requirements and conditions and are successfully registered in the Key and Research Staff Program will experience smoothly getting the submission appointment and a fast process of getting their applications approved if all needed documents are submitted and everything is correct.

What are the other interesting advantages?

  • Successful registration in the Key and Research Staff program guarantees getting an embassy submission appointment for either an Employee Card, EU Blue Card, or ICT Card application or Secondment Visa. 
  • The approval process of applications submitted through the Key and Research Staff Program takes about one month, making it at least twice as fast as the regular way without using the governmental program option.
  • Also, family members of the employee are allowed to submit through the Key and Research Staff Program, but only if they submit all together.


Jakub Cyrani
Immigration Manager
Expat Support s.r.o. 

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